10 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit

From the alabaster-white beaches of Bermuda in the north to the cactus-topped desert inland of the ABC Islands in the south, the windswept coves and also surfing coral reefs of Dominica in the east to the jungle-dressed pointers of Cuba and also the Antilles in the west, the Caribbean has actually long been a bonanza of things to do as well as see.

Integrating experience with leisure, hundreds of years of colonial history with fascinating Arawak society, West Indian flavors with European gastronomic panache, honeymooners with hillside pedestrians, spending plan backpacker haunts with several of the most exclusive hotels on earth, it’s obtained something for every single type of vacationer.

It’s obtained everything from Cuban cigarillos to magma-spouting hills, as well as countless airbrushed coastlines of beautiful sand as well as sparkling blue-green sea. See you in the rum bars!

Let’s have a look at our listing of the best Caribbean islands to visit:

1. Jamaica

Beginning on the Jamaican north coast, where grainy white sands run their method along the shore from the cream color stretches of legendary Seven Mile Coastline, past the sheer-cut Negril Cliffs, via the luxury uber-resorts of Montego Bay, around the spurting Dunn’s River Falls, as well as bent on where renowned James Bond Beach paves the way to the jungles of Ocho Rios in plumes of persuading coconut palms, juniper bushes, mangrove and also tamarind.

Further in the east and also the magnificent Blue Hills rise in green swathes of forest, Jamaican boas turning from the creeping plants as well as the fragrances of coffee beans wafting along the underwood.

Then, on the inland hillsides, site visitors can choose the birth place of fabulous Bob Marley at 9 Mile, or simply decide to sweep in between the rum bars of Kingston listening to the master and also his steel-drum, Rasta off-beats.

Mo’Bay, at the same time, pulses with night life and the gives off jerk hen, while honeymooners settle back on beachside decks and also sip Red Stripe to the sundown.

2. Turks and Caicos

If it’s coastlines you seek (as well as let’s face it, what vacationer to the Caribbean isn’t?), after that Turks and Caicos is maybe the best spot.

A peppering of over 300 tiny islets in the middle of the Lucayan Archipelago, many of the TCI (as it’s understood for brief) are bit more than simply sand banks or tough columns of rock that rise above the waters of Caribbean Sea.

The salt-washed jetties of Cockburn Town may be the capital, but it’s easygoing Providenciales that draws all the crowds.

And why not? This U-shaped speck of land comes fringed by alabaster-white Grace Bay, stressed with elegant first-class resorts, imbued with old pirate carvings from the 19th century, as well as ringed by coral reefs gardens just waiting for the brave SCUBA scuba diver.

Oh, and it’s the house of the island’s deep-fried conch clams also! Additional afield and also the TIC provides uber-romantic honeymoon collections by themselves private island, beaches like Malcolm Beach, as well as the beautiful turquoise currents of Chalk Noise too!

3. St. Lucia

St. Lucia resembles the kid that declined to conform.

As opposed to settling to be overgrown by mangrove and hands, it increased and also rose, coming to a head with the mighty duo of the Pitons, or rising to a tremendous 950 meters with the jungle-dressed Mount Gimie at its heart.

After that there are the gurgling volcanic springs and mud swimming pools, forever sculpting as well as changing the interior of the island around Soufriere.

And also talking of little Soufriere on the south coastline, it’s below that vacationers will certainly uncover the lovely cove of Anse Chastanet, concealed between high cliffs as well as promontories and clusters of seaside falls.

The north of the island continues to offer up beauties as well, like the gold powder of Reduit Coastline and also the strong bulwarks of Pidgeon Island National forest– home to fortresses elevated by the British during the Seven Years’ Battle.

4. Cuba

A turbulent past and political fondness for communism has actually suggested Cuba has remained something of an off-the-beaten-track option for travelers in the Caribbean till only just recently.

The most up to date information is a loosening of travel and also import limitations from America, both anticipated to bring crowds of new travelers to the supposed Pearl of the Antilles.

There’s certainly no scarcity of pulls.

For one, the resources at Havana oozes a classic charm.

Cadillacs bump up and down the roads and also peeling off stuccoed frontispieces circa 1925 give way to the off-beats of samba, rumba and also songo aplenty; cigar smoke blows out of the speakeasies and the sun-splashed Malécon is strutted by all sorts! Leaving the Che monoliths as well as Spanish streets behind, the better island offers up picture-perfect coastlines at Varadero, ecotourism amidst karst mountains in Pinar del Río, breathtaking views in the Viñales Valley– the checklist goes on!

5. Antigua and Barbuda

Divided by a brief gap of sky-blue Caribbean Sea in the midst of the Leeward Islands, the duo that composes Antigua and Barbuda represent one of the area’s most all-around visitor draws.

In St. John’s parish, the small and also tight-knit capital of the island chain, there are cricket premises and bobbing cruise ships on the horizon, while the slap as well as click of online casino chips is never also far away.

For the very best introductory to the rest of Antigua (the bigger of the two islands), most vacationers will certainly scale approximately Shirley Levels Lookout, where the pearly-white of beaches, the deep environment-friendly of the hand forests and also the periodic flower of bougainvillea spread out to reveal Falmouth and English Harbour– two of the earliest colonial towns here.

Stone churches atop high cliffs hide the English influence, while old sugar haciendas wait for inland.

And after that there’s Barbuda: a capital for seafarers and also swimmers looking for actual privacy.

6. US Virgin Islands

The USVI aren’t your typical Caribbean heaven.

That’s not to state they do not have all the ubiquitous shimmering sands and aquamarine-hued waters.

They do.

It’s to say they have various other points up their sleeve as well! A mecca for yachters, the trio of Saint Croix, Saint John as well as Saint Thomas, along with numerous smaller sized specks of rough land like Water Island, Thatch Cay and also Hassel Island, provide a choice and also mix of little coves and cliff-backed inlets to check out by boat.

Then there’s Salt River Bay, a green bloom of mangrove forests that spills right into the cobalt blue and also quite underwater reefs of Dollar Island Reef.

Rum distilleries come ten to the cent too, while quite residues of Danish guideline still stand above the hand trees and also the ferns. Yep, this’s an actual leading choice!

7. Aruba

Cacti-topped Aruba shares much with its Latin American next-door neighbors.

After all, this gem-shaped island on the much southerly reaches of the region is better to the mainland than it is to many of the various other salt-washed islands of the Caribbean.

Allow’s start with the weather condition, which remains abnormally stable as well as warm, undisturbed by the cyclones and also cyclones that clean via the Atlantic belt.

The 300 days of sunlight as well as calming shore waters ensure a stable stream of snowbirds from the United States, who can be seen reclining on the sands of Child Coastline in the south, the windblown rocks of Hadikurari, shaded Arashi, or the reef-ringed likes of Boca Catalina right throughout the year.

After that there’s Aruba’s dirty, desert-like inside, peaked over by the searches of Haystack Hill, and the island’s curious Papiamento language, integrating Spanish as well as Dutch, Creole and also Portuguese.

8. Dominican Republic

From the swaying hands and also sturdy high cliffs of Los Haitises in the east to the old mineshafts and also dirty trailheads of the Sierra de Bahoruco in the west, the browsing hotspots of Cabarete as well as Puerto Plata in the north to the urban sprawl of Santa Domingo as well as its concomitant colonial treasures in the south, the Dominican Republic has lots of tricks up its sleeve! For a lot of, the magnum opus is Punta Cana, where strips of white sand run along the windward coast like glistening bows in the moonlight, stressed only by the occasional luxury hotel, its infinity swimming pools butting up right to rollers of the Atlantic.

Others will certainly aim for the gorgeous coastline of Cibao, and hop between fishing communities and also salt-washed cays.

Others still will go intrepid and seek the ridges as well as walks of the Enriquillo Valley, and also indelibly green Armando Bermúdez. The choice is your own!

9. Grenada

Grenada is the Flavor Isle: a land of nutmeg and also vanilla coverings and also fragrant wafts of cinnamon that twist and turn in the sultry Carib air, rolling down in breezes with the trade winds to the appealing bays of Grand Anse and also the shiny white sands of Morne Rouge Coastline.

Volcanic in origin, the island spikes and also dips with the cones of Mount Saint Catherine and the grass-rimmed crater lakes of Grand Etang alike.

Waterfalls gush as well as sculpt the landscapes too, running quickly over the rocks at Royal Mount Carmel and streaming in moss-clad actions at the Seven Sisters, obtainable only by winding hiking tracks through the mountains.

Oh, and allow’s not forget the human side of points: the dynamic local fish french fries of Gouyave; the River Antoine developing residence– home to a few of the oldest rum labels worldwide.

10. The Bahamas

Spread out over a massive 470,000 square kilometers of ocean between where the coastlines of north Cuba give way to the Lucayan islands, The Bahamas link the Caribbean with the seaside reaches of the United States– as well as more specifically, the Sunshine State of Florida.

Since the late 18th century, these sparkling cays as well as sandbank have been joined with the Republic.

The British made a nest here after ousting bands of rovers as well as pirates from the shores, leaving the stylish neoclassic appearances of the Bahamian Parliament as well as the juggernaut walls of Ft Charlotte in their wake.

Extra recently, the abundant as well as renowned came, settling their private yachts between the coves of New Divine superintendence as well as the beachfront villas of Heaven Island, or slapping texas hold’em chips on the Atlantis gambling establishment flooring.

Don’t stress however, The Bahamas are for every person: ecotourists group to the coral reefs of Grand Bahama, beach-hunters for the secluded inlets of Long Island, sporting activities fishers as well as scuba divers straight to the reefs gardens of Bimini.

Some pertained to kick-back in deluxe resorts like the Hyatt with its personal coastline at Barbara, others will certainly study outstanding Playa Kalki, discover the hanging stalactites of the Hato Caves, or situation out the colonial background at places like the Maritime Museum as well as Postal Gallery in the funding.

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